Why Honda’s 2025 CR-V Hydrogen Electric e:FCEV Target’s California Big City Commuters Only

American made 2025 CR-V e:FCEV is Honda’s latest quest to mainstream hydrogen – electric. But there’s a catch… You may never see one on the road.

Photo attributions: American Honda Motors 2024.

As one of the few drivers who’s experience hydrogen fuel cell electric generated torgue from behind the wheel, American Honda Motor’s latest venture into hydrogen fueled cars caught my attention.

2025 CR-V e:FCEV presents plug-in hybrid technology with an interesting twist; no gasoline required. Which is all good, if one can locate a liquified hydrogen fuel source.

2017 Honda Clarity FCEV set the benchmark for hydrogen-electric. What happened?

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell captures market interest in 2017.

Clarity FCEV, a perfect hydrogen fuel cell car with little to no fueling infrastructure

Since the discontinuation of Clarity, the situation hasn’t changed much in 7 years. Despite the combined efforts of Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi, as well as California State funding, the number of public access liquid hydrogen fueling stations (only) increased from 18 to 55, in California. Imagine that!

While Honda’s latest CR-V offering claims a 270 mile EPA rating between fillups, there’s no long-range hydrogen-only fueling opportunity; for the brave few lessees of Honda’s latest and greatest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

And, while 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV does feature the convenience of plug in electric-only drive, range remains below 30 miles on a single charge under ideal driving and weather conditions.

24 Years in the making, Honda’s latest FCEV to be limited to 2000 California only units.

once again, Honda takes a cautious, ‘let’s see what happens’ approach to rolling out the latest FCEV offering. Featuring Honda’s second generation FCEV platform and a made in America fuel cell generator designed in partnership with General Motors, Honda will eventually lease 2000 HOV complient units to the Southern California market. That’s a start, I suppose. * Shades of Clarity.

What are your thoughts? Honda is reading

I’d like to read from you. Would you buy or lease a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle if the fueling infrastructure was expanded?

Acura Teases Futuristic 2021 MDX Luxury SUV

MDX Prototype Teaser
2021 Acura MDX Prototype Teaser Image

The best selling 3 row SUV in America is scheduled for a major redo. Honda’s Acura Division pulls the sheet off a rather short Video tease. Here’s what I see watching it.

American Honda’s progressive Acura Division marches on into the future despite the  unforeseen market impact of Covid19, an uncertain US economy, and a government policy influenced if not directed by a commander in chief that absolutely marches to his own drummer. 

Be that as it may, Acura remains the best selling premium SUV brand of all time in the US, with the 3 row premium MDX outselling all comers for good reason. At the end of the negotiation, without extreme dealer incentives, factory rebates, and zero interest rates, MDX remains a relative bargain in a segment rife with Asian, European, and Swedish competitors.

MDX is manufactured in the U.S..I like that. Read my last generation MDX review here.

Here’s what I see

The next generation Acura MDX is most likely reengineered from the pavement up. Sporting an Acura Performance Concept inspired 3-D grill works, advanced bodyline integrated halide projector beam headlamps, full width wrap around digital tail lighting, race inspired aerodynamic bodyworks, and most likely several new options for body color, wheel sets, interior accoutrements and trim level options. 

Powertrain, advanced all wheel drive and more

Ill  step out on a ledge here and predict that Acura will present not only a high output bi-spoked V6 power option, but also the industry trend compliance plug – in electric, we’ll see. But truly, PHEV will be required to bring Acura into the HOV lane compliance league. Something that big city commuters require from their premium or luxury ride.

First published by Parks McCants in “The Advanced Car.”

Photo attribution: Acura Division 2020.