Yet another ‘best year ever’ for American Honda Motors

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell captures market interest in 2017. Photo Attributes American Honda 2017

Today in Honda-Torque News: What can I tell you, Honda Torque News is my day job. I look forward to reporting Honda news and updates. And, on slow news days, I have a bit of fun with it! With Honda’s annual sales report coming to press a day late this year, American Honda Motor Company announces, for the third year running, anew sales record for America’s # 5 auto maker. * as measured by sales volume.

For December, we discover an astounding 60% uptick in Honda Pilot sales, for total sales of 127,279 sold in 2017. Honda points to increased production capacity with Alabama coming on line — Could be! Dealers can’t sell cars without inventory. However, with no shortage of competition in the mid and full size 3-row SUV segment, the comprehensive drive and ride package that is Honda Pilot consistently meets or surpass the needs of a mostly Soccer Mom, multi-tasking, 3+ Kids family market, and, offers something Honda Odyssey doesn’t – all-wheel-drive.

I called the reinvented Honda Pilot a refined SUV bargain in 2015, it still is. When compared to Toyota Highlander, Mazda 9, and Chevy Tahoe, Pilot can’t be beat for value-packed standard featured packaging, V6 engine performance, and class-leading fuel efficiency. Me, I just like driving Pilot.

Honda’s best selling vehicle for 2017 just happens to be a compact 2-row SUV, or a crossover, depending on how you look at it. At any rate, Honda CR-V, the best selling SUV of all time, just beat Honda Accord and Civic for the top sales spot in 2017.

I first reported on the reinvented, up-sized Honda CR-V in 2015. At that time I was astounded by CR-V’s new found handling characteristics, quiet, comfortable cabin, and innovative, fuel efficiency 1.5 Liter turbocharged gasoline engine, and segmented CVT (continuously variable) transmission.

Honda CR-V outsold Toyota RAV4 in 2017 with 377,895 units sold for the year. That’s a lot of Honda CR-V!  Yet there’s more to Honda’s annual sales report hen initially meets the eye. With the market introduction of Honda Clarity PHEV

comes an opportunity. Learn more about Honda’s premier plug-in-electric vehicle here.

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American Honda Motors News: My favorite interview of 2015

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell = zero hydrocarbons

One of the perks of being a Honda Brand-specific auto journalist is access to Honda management. 2015 was a record breaking year for me and American Honda Motor Company, and with it came the opportunity to meet many exceptional people connected to the Honda brand.

With the timely introduction of the Fit platformed built in Mexico HR-V crossover to North American markets, came the opportune invitation to attend Honda’s HR-V national press reveal in Miami Beach, Florida. There I would interview Mr. Jeff Conrad, executive vice president A.H.M.C, and Honda’s environmental officer Ms. Angie Nucci.

Parks and 2016 HR-V take Miami by storm,

We would speak at length as to Honda’s ongoing commitment to preserving the environment, and near future plans for the development and delivery of affordable, attainable zero or near zero emissions electrified personal conveyance to the world’s largest auto market.

The short story: Honda promises the relaunch of a much improved 1 engine, two electric motor 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid delivering 50+ MPG in combined driving.

Personally, I believe market acceptance of electrified vehicles, and a measurable increase in the retail price of gasoline must occur prior to the successful retail expansion of alternatively fueled and powered personal conveyance in the U.S..

None the less, Honda remains committed to the ideology of environment protection through the small foot print manufacturing of low impact vehicles.

Also in the works is a stand alone plug in electric Fit, Hybrid Civic and the 2017 Honda Clarity FCEV( Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle).  You may read the Conrad , Nucci interview here.