2017 Honda CR-V named Car and Driver ‘Best Compact SUV’

Interestingly enough, prior to its North America dealership debut, auto industry bellwether “Car and Driver.com” names Honda’s reinvented 5th generation CR-V “2017 Best Compact SUV” when weighed against some rather good competition.

I had the pleasure of driving 2017 Honda CR-V from San Francisco to Monterey California last month, and was just a bit blown away by how comfortable, road worthy and spacious CR-V truly is. Read my first drive impressions here.

But in short: What Honda has done with CR-V goes way beyond turbocharging; although the benefits of the 1.5 Liter VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine can’t be understated. Where 2017 CR-V truly shines is in superior interior seating comfort, ease of control, and welcomed added passenger, cargo space.

I was further impressed by CR-V’s much improved interior noise reduction, total lack of torque steer, side roll and truck-like suspension attributes. It’s posh way beyond the restrictions of the compact crossover/SUV classification. Apparently our friends at “Road and Track” agree with me. I further predict that 2017 Honda CR-V will continue to rank as the best-selling SUV of any size segment in North America.

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CR-V’s in good company with 2017 Honda Ridgeline Pickup. In other news we find the 2nd generation Honda Ridgeline picking up yet another much coveted auto industry accolade. With a reported 60% of all new auto sales dedicated to the pickup truck, crossover or SUV, according to Road and Track.com, Ridgeline is the best value found in today’s growing midsize pickup truck segment.

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2017 Honda Pilot named ‘Best 3-Row SUV’ by Cars.com


Looking to Monday morning Honda News: According to our friends at Cars.com 2017 Honda Pilot tops the 3-row SUV segment in standard feature value, comfort, fuel efficiency and ‘real-world’ MPG — when compared to a rather good field of competitors.  You may read my latest drive review of the reinvented Honda Pilot here.

Read how Cars.com assesses the reinvented Honda Pilot

After extensive testing in the Cars.com “Three-Row SUV Challenge,” the completely redesigned 2016 Honda Pilots named the best midsize SUV of 2016 and the overall Challenge winner. Testing, which included expert evaluation on a set course, a 170-mile drive to determine real-world MPG, and driving by an in-market family, revealed Pilot as the clear leader within its segment.

Recognized for its interior space, versatility and utility with comfortable seating for up to eight passengers, the Pilot is now also available with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ functionality. To read more about the awards, visit www.Cars.com

What I like about 2017 Honda Pilot

For 2017, Honda refined Pilot’s ride and drive experience while increasing horsepower and torque to segment leading levels. Absent is the harsh ride tendencies associated with pick-up-truck based SUV s. Thanks to Pilot’s shared Oddysey and Ridgeline’s unibody manufacturing platform, primary front-wheel-drive, i-VTEC V6 power and Pilot’s optional 9-speed automatic transmission with electronic drive-mode selection,  Pilot presents a much improved all-weather, variable road surface traction, and much more.

Family friendly, work ready

No worries: Although Honda has measurably refined Pilot’s interior layout and finish while increasing seating capacity and behind row-3 cargo room, Pilot remains a financially attainable crossover/SUV package for discerning buyers looking to Honda for exceptional initial purchase and ownership value. * MSRP from $30,950 FWD LX to $47,070 Elite AWD. MPG: 27 Highway/19 City.

In the dirt 

Yes, Honda Pilot is surprisingly good off-road. Check out my Texas experience here.