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Winterize your Honda Civic

In Honda Torque News today: With winter 2016 weather conditions coming on hard, a reader or two has come forward with a question as to “winterizing” their older Honda Civic. While Civics do take intermittent service cycles in stride, winter weather can take its toll on Civic and driver if not prepared for the seasonally inclement weather; specifically driving on icy, snow covered roads, frozen windshield washer fluid plastic wells and sometimes bursting plastic lines, Ts and clamps.

Living in the Pacific Northwest residents of Eugene and Portland Oregon rarely deal with the harsh winter weather conditions of eastern and northeastern North America.

Honda all-wheel-drive takes most driving conditions in stride

But ice and snow does inundate the region on a yearly basis. I have a few tips for increasing your road visibility during cold, and sometimes foggy driving conditions.

And then there’s that ever present tire issue. We have a suggestion or two for Civic owners on a limited budget, including affordable All-Weather tires.  Check my Honda-Torque News article and drive safely this Winter.

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 powerhouse side by side


Honda Pioneer 1000
2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

Today in Honda News we take a look at Honda’s Pioneer 1000 side by side.

I was first introduced to Honda’s latest side by side offering last summer in eastern San Diego, California at the Honda Dream Garage Event. Unfortunately for me and others looking to drive the Pioneer 1000, the displayed vehicle was what is referred to in the automotive world as a static display, not moving! My ride wasn’t going to happen on that day.

None the less Pilot 1000 did catch may attention, and I’d see it again at the SEMA Las Vegas Show, along with the H.P.D. prepared Baja Ridgeline Pickup. The Pioneer 1000 is Honda’s latest and most versatile offering in the utility-Ranch and off-road recreation side-by-side segment. The first thing that catches one’s eye is the size of this side-by-side.

It’s about the same size as an Asian micro pickup truck, offers a 2 passenger, dump bed or 5-passenger seating configuration, has a 1,000 lb hauling capacity, and will pull up to 2,000 lbs. That’s same capacity as many compact pickup trucks on the road today.

Segment topping engine performance

Pilot 1000 is powered by an all new 999 cc liquid cooled OHC Unicam parallel twin 4-stroke, fuel injected gasoline engine. According to Honda, this engine is a high-torque producing monster.

Although Honda doesn’t print horsepower ratings, looking to the specification, I estimate the engine output at around 70+., with torque approaching the same. Is Pioneer 1000 thirsty? probably. looking to Pilot’s specifications, a 7.9 gallon fuel tank comes standard including reserve.

How big is Pioneer 1000

Pioneer 1000 is a heavy weight in the side by side segment tipping the scales between 1500 and 1700 lbs, dry weight, depending on trim package options. To put pioneer 1000’s size into perspective, it’s a mere 800 lbs lighter than a 2016 Honda Fit, measures nearly 10 feet long, 5 feet 3 inches wide and 6 feet 4 inches tall, a full 18 inches taller than the aforementioned 2016 Honda Fit.

Pioneer 1000 isn’t going to fit in your pickup truck bed, but it could tow your pickup out of the mud and features a real-world 12.9 inch ground clearance Via a front and rear fully independent wishbone suspension. I like the 10 .9 inch front suspension travel.

What you get with this supersized side by side is real truck-like seating, safety features and tech options not common to the segment. Pilot’s “bad,” in a good way.

6 speed dual clutch transmission with paddle shift and variable terrain modes

Torque transfer to the 27 inch all terrain tires is accomplished via a state of the art fully automated dual clutched 6-speed transmission. For EPS trim levels or higher, there’s a steering wheel mounted paddle shift with sport-mode option. looking to the specifications, all trim levels come in 4WD standard with 2-range differential and 4-terrain-mode differential lock.

Suggested Sales Price

like all good things, Pilot 1000 pushes the price limitations of the side-by-side segment. ( Priced from $13,199 to $17,199 +) Yet looking to the size, versatility, frame toughness and performance afforded to the end user by Honda’s newest side by side offering, I believe that for anyone looking for the next step in a farm or ranch utility vehicle, hunting or working the golf course, Honda Pilot 1000 has earned your consideration.

Check out Honda’s latest Pioneer 1000 video here

No 2016 Honda Civic Si



Civic _Comparison
9th generation Civic Si Vs 10th generation Civic Touring.


No 2016 Honda Civic Si

On the tails of what is arguably the most successful Civic generational launch in decades, we learn from our friend HondaPro Jason, that as previously predicted, there will be no Civic Si released in any trim level or variant for 2016.

The reason here is one of world-wide production release

As earlier reported by Torque News, the first 2016 Civic to roll off of the assembly line is the all new 10th generation Civic Sedan in normally aspirated and turbocharged engine variants, with 6 speed manual transmission(entry level only) and CVT ( constant variable transmission) available throughout the lineup.

Civic sales up 8.5% for November, 2015

According to Jason Richmond of “HondaPro Jason Show” fame, the Civic Si sedan and coupe will arrive in North America sometime in 2017, along with the built in Surrey, England coupe and high performance Civic Type-R.

I believe that the Civic Type-R and slightly detuned Civic Si is worth the wait. However, if your in the market for a fuel efficient, highly connected and fun to drive civic now, check out the all new turbocharged Civic Touring.


Today on Honda-Torque News


The first load of manufactured in Mexico Honda Fits come off the truck in Eugene, Oregon.

So what’s going on with Honda Fit sales? Granted, 2015 Honda Fit sales approach the 50,000 unit mark in North America as of November. But that’s far below what I’d predicted on the release of the redesigned Fit back in late 2014.

American Honda Motors had Fit penciled in for 75,000 units sold, or more, per year. I predicted that Fit sales would eventually outpace Civic. Boy was I wrong! And then came the introduction of the Fit platformed HR-V crossover, and – cheap, plentiful gasoline.

Anyone that’s experienced the present generation 1.5 liter Earth Dreams powered CVT Fit knows that it’s the most versatile subcompact to come out of the halls of Honda in the better part of a decade. Fun to drive, easy to park and ever so versatile with its “Magic Seat” and near flat-deck cargo platform, we find 2016 Fit sales off by no less than 50% when compared to November 2014.

What’s up Honda?

I look to the coupe-like styling of the Fit platformed CR-V crossover, and the cheap price of gasoline for an answer or two.

An unprecedented week for American Honda Motors

The HondaJet returns from a night-time function and reliability test at Cobb County International Airport in Atlanta.
The HondaJet returns from a night-time function and reliability test at Cobb County International Airport in Atlanta.

We’ll take 3!

For the 2nd week in December American Honda Motors was honored by finalist  consideration of 2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Honda Pilot for the prestigious “North American Car and Truck of the Year” honors.

I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some extended pre-production quality seat time in both vehicles, with a follow up extended drive and review of the all new 2016 Pilot.

Find my latest article from Honda-Torque News here

In other news, U.S. based Honda Aircraft Company was awarded “Type Certification” from the Federal Aviation Administration for the designed and built in the U.S.A. Hondajet. 3 decades in the making, Hondajet is the quickest and most fuel efficient 6-place corporate jet in its segment.

My congratulations go to American Honda Motors. Well done!


We congratulate Honda Aircraft Company



A production HondaJet on display at Henderson Executive Airport in Las Vegas during the 2015 National Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition.
A production HondaJet on display at Henderson Executive Airport in Las Vegas during the 2015 National Business Aviation Association Convention and Exhibition.

Today, the F.A.A. granted Honda Aircraft Company “Type Certification” for the Hondajet, a project that’s been in development for the better part of a decade. What this means for Carolina based Honda Aviation and the handful of corporate buyers waiting for delivery of the most fuel efficient, fastest and highest flying personal jet in its segment, they can take delivery.

I first reported on the development of Honda’s segment busting personal conveyance back in May 2014, and had the pleasure of speaking with Honda as to development plans of what is arguably the most powerful and quickest Honda in the company’s history.

*The FAA presented the type certificate to Honda Aircraft Company President and CEO Michimasa Fujino in front of more than 2,000 people, including FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, government representatives, community leaders, HondaJet dealers, suppliers, and Honda Aircraft associates.

As eloquently stated by Honda

“Achieving FAA type certification for the HondaJet is a monumental milestone for Honda,” said Fujino. “We established Honda Aircraft as a new aerospace company and introduced our first product — an advanced light jet with technologies developed from serious research activities. We designed, tested, and have now certified this clean-sheet design aircraft – an unprecedented challenge for Honda.”

Personally, I hope to take a ride on Hondajet in 2016.

My congratulations to Honda Aircraft Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, well done!

  • Honda Aircraft Company 2015.


The world of Honda is ever changing. Honda has aptly titled 2015 “The Year of Honda,” and has done so without braggadocio. Great accomplishments in research and product development justify the mantra with what is shaping up to be the reinvention of the entire Honda and Acura automotive lineup.

Honda is well on the road  to becoming the (mostly) manufactured in North America sales leader for the compact and mid sized car and light truck segment.

With the all new Fit based HR-V hatchback taking the lead in the subcompact crossover segment, 2016 Pilot currently breaking all sales records in the near-premium 3 row SUV segment, and 2016 CR-V, despite reports of a persistent intermittent vibration, retaining its #1 sales position in the compact SUV segment,


2016 Civic rolls of the production line increasing Civic sales by 9% in it’s first 2 weeks on the showroom floor, with Civic Coupe and Hatchback variants scheduled for spring 2016.

I report Honda news and development, frankly, because I’ve met the people behind the scenes that make American Honda Motors what it is today.

When Honda company heads, engineers, and trouble shooters, sit down at the table with you, truly acknowledging your concerns, suggestions for product improvement, or simply take the time to engage in car-talk with you, it puts a true personal spin on automotive development and manufacturing.


That’s Honda’s style. They absolutely, without reservation, from assembly line worker to top executive, put the consumer’s satisfaction and physical well being before company profit.

So enough for the introduction. MYHONDANEWS.COM  is just that, “Your Honda News.”  Rather a seasoned Honda Fan Boy, first time buyer, vintage Honda Tuner, or a mother with three children wishing to learn a bit more about the mechanical workings of the family Odyssey, this is your Honda home on the world-wide-web


This is not a place for “Trolls” political discussion or unjustified product downgrade. It is a civil forum reserved for everything Honda, and I welcome your thought provoking comment, photo, video and Honda related event schedule.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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