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One bad ass Civic

Not often does an auto manufacturer successfully blend track proven high performance and long range touring comfort in an affordable, segment topping high performance hatchback; such is the case with Civic Type-R. For 2017, the first Civic to wear the enviable Type-R mark in the United States is now imported from England.

Several years in the making, the Honda Fan Boy Tuner crowd is excited by the arrival of Honda’s Brembo braked 305 horsepower, 6 speed manual transmission super hatchback. And rightfully so. 2017 Civic Type-R  gives Ford, Subaru, and Volkswagen a run for the money, and will dominate the sub-premium compact performance hatchback segment without the added expense and weight of all-wheel-drive.

The weight to power ratio of 2017 Civic Type-R is epic, but that’s just the beginning of this story.

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305 horsepower 2017 Civic Type_R

Last week I spent a day with Honda on a 2.4 mile racetrack on Washington State’s Puget Sound. Granted, the record holding 2017 Civic Type-R 5-door performance hatchback excelled on the track, with myself and other auto journalists reaching rev-limiting speeds, on a multiple elevation and downturn track that rivals many in Europe and the U.S.. buy prednisone cheap.

Truly, where 2017 Honda Civic Type-R surprised this rather jaded journalist and other road-hardened press jockeys was on the road. Frankly, I wasn’t anticipating the ride refinement, cabin comfort, hands-free connectivity, and overall quality fit and finish encountered behind the wheel of Honda’s most powerful turbocharged Civic produced to date. After 4.5 hours, and a very twisty 180 miles through the beaches, grasslands and woods of Puget Sound, I was ready to purchase Type-R, or at least beg, steel, or borrow one — it’s that good man.

During Honda’s technical presentation, we learned the finer points of Type-R increased frame rigidity, active dampening suspension, epic cooled Brembo brakes, and the makings of perhaps the most comfortable high bolstered seat in Honda history. buy prednisone cream, as it should be.

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The best driver’s seat in the segment

On the performance side, Honda employs a race proven VTEC 4-cylinder inner cooled 2.0 Liter dual cam gasoline engine, and arguably the most forgiving 6-speed manual racing class manual transmission in the segment. instant-on, seemingly endless torque is transferred to the pavement via a limited slip front-wheel drive differential.

Yet when behind the wheel, one would be hard pressed to differentiate Civic Type-R handling from the best AWD (all-wheel-drive) rally cars on the track today.

Honda engineering  eliminates torque steer in Type-R, resulting in a very positive straight-on launch off the light — Type-R traction is measurably sticky with ZERO brake fade noted under extreme driving conditions.

Manufactured on Honda’s compact car world platform, this Civic adds a high performance spin to an already very good European hatchback drive and ride experience. Unfortunately, you may never see, or experience one driving down a road near you.

A mere 2500, 2017 Civic Type-R will make landfall this year

With 1200 + Honda car dealerships in the U.S., not all will take delivery of Honda’s rarest offering. We’re informed by Honda P.R. that annual production if indicated by buyer demand, will peak out at 5,000 units per year — that should keep the resale value up a bit.

After spending 7 hours behind the wheel of Civic Type-R, I’m sold. Looking to the MSRP of $33,000 + handling, tax, etc, I believe Civic Type-R to be an exceptional buy and drive value. And with the micro-production numbers, look for the initial run 2017 Civic Type-R to be an instant collectible.

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Parks McCants drives the streets and countryside of San Francisco in 2017 Chevy Bolt.

I recently experienced Chevrolet’s exceptional 5-door Bolt hatchback on the outback surrounds and streets of San Francisco. Within miles of entering Chevy’ s latest offering in the ever evolving electric car universe, I forgot  I was driving a battery motivated electric vehicle.

That’s the beauty of 2017 Chevy Bolt, with a stated 230 + mile drive range between charging cycles, range anxiety quickly becomes a non issue. But Bolt’s appeal is much more than extended drive range. Chevy Bolt drives, rides, and feels like a conventional gasoline engine compact hatchback. The brakes, while regenerative, transmit natural hydraulic – like pedal feel back to the driver’s foot. The steering wheel road to driver input, although electric, feels natural, responsive, and easy.

Nice uptick interior finish 

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2017 Chevy Bolt EV brings a refined interior to the compact EV segment.

Chevy Bolt’s rather pleasant interior is exceptionally comfortable. The driver’s seat was firm, form holding, but not too restrictive. Bolt’s thin profile, foam filled power adjusted driver’s seat, handled my 6 foot 5 inch frame with ease, as did the rear bench. Surprisingly, the compact electric hatchback affords comfortable seating for 4 adults. Yes, 5 can fit in a pinch. With the second row 40/60 split bench folded, one discovers a near flat cargo platform, plenty of transformer-like space back here.

On the downside, visibility through the rear hatch is limited, especially with passengers on board. No worries, in top trim Chevy employs a rear cam that double duties as Bolt’s rear view mirror. It takes a moment to get used to, yet, it works well.

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2017 Chevy Bolt offers impressive hatchback utility.

As I ran my eyes and hand over Bolt’s interior finish and exterior body line, I was taken by how refined Chevy’s answer to a mainstream, long range, affordable electric hatch truly is. As to the drive, I was a bit blown away by the instant-on torque experienced behind the wheel of Bolt, as we navigated the crazy-steep streets of San Francisco. My companion mentioned roller coasters, that it was. Take-off and throttle hesitation is non existent in Bolt EV.

Freeway cruising is a pleasure

2017 Chevy Bolt, due to its inherent, battery module placement low center of gravity, handles road-sticky through the sweeps, with a larger, cushier car feel, when running at freeway speeds. Passing is effortless, seamless if you will. For those who have never experienced an electric car, the drive dynamic of Chevy Bolt is quite unique, pleasant and down right addictive.

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2017 Chevy Bolt features the longest between charge driving range in the segment.

On completion of our 6 hour drive circuit, 135 miles remained on the electric range minder. Astounding! Believe me, I didn’t baby 2017 Chevy Bolt.

In conclusion: If you were to ask me what I’d change in Bolt, at this juncture, nothing. Dollar for dollar, when I compare 2017 Chevy Bolt to any Battery Electric Car on the market today, when it comes to affordable electric car access, utility and extended drive range, Bolt wins, hands down. For more information on availability and MSRP, how to buy prednisone online.